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Two good examples of these Iron Age silver coins. See Spink 367 for similar. Yes they need a clean!

As the Iron Age progressed, strong regional groupings emerged, this was reflected in the pottery, metal objects and associated settlement types. In some areas, tribal kingdoms developed.

The best known and most visible remains of the Iron Age are the hill forts. Almost 3,000 are known to have existed across the British Isles, including the massive ramparts and multi-ditched site of Maiden Castle in Dorset. As regards Iron Age antiquities for sale, it is these gold and silver coins, with their abstract depictions, that are the most prized amongst collectors. So it is to the Durotriges tribe, whose territory included Maiden Castle, that these coins belong.

Condition: Grade GF (good fine).

Provenance: Ex. private collection, UK; acquired at UK auction house.

Price: £60.00 the pair or £30.00 each.

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