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Wonderful Ancient Roman Sard Intaglio of Anonna (grain supply) C. 1st Century A.D.

This is an ancient Roman sard gemstone intaglio, dating to the 1st - 2nd century AD. The gem is cut with a representation of the goddess Anonna (the personification of the annual Grain Supply to Rome), she is depicted holding corn-ears with one hand and a cornucopia (Horn of Plenty) in the other. To her feet she steers a ships rudder, symbolic of the long distance trade. This gem would have once been set into a finger ring, used to seal and authenticate transactions by a merchant. It has survived in excellent condition, intact with a light spotting of cortication to the surface of the gem. This intaglio is suitable for remounting into a gold signet ring today, or added to your collection as a unique piece of ancient glyptic art.

Condition: Fine (see photos). *Please note; the white areas on the cut figure are not damage, they are the remains of putty or white tac used for a previous impression.

Dimensions: 13.86mm x 10.21mm x 2.75mm. Weight: 0.57g

Provenance: Ex. Charles Fraser collection, London. U.K. Ex. European Art Market 1990's.


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