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A large Romano-British storage vessel, either Black Burnished Ware 1 (BB1, from Wareham/Poole Harbour, Dorset) dating c. AD 200-410 or BB2 from the Thames Estuary area between 140 AD through to the mid third century.

Made from wheel-thrown dark grey sand-tempered fabric and bears a burnished lattice decoration on the sides. This type of vessel was widely distributed in south-east England and in northern Britain during the 2nd to 4th centuries AD.

Inside is the original Victorian note recording the find - goldust to a collector. You don't get better provenance than that!

*An export license will be required if this item is purchased by an overseas buyer.

Condition: Loss to rim on one side (prob plough damage) and a stable crack, otherwise rare to find one in this condition.

Dimensions: Height 18cm x Dia. 15cm approx.

Provenance: Ex. UK auction house. Previously private UK collection. *Discovered in Carlisle UK in 1863


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