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Roman 1st Century A.D. bronze aryballos vessel for the baths, found near Colchester, Essex, UK. Collared neck. Ex. Museum piece. Rare.

Aryballos are small, narrow-necked, spherical or globular vessels, commonly used as a scent or oil bottle, particularly by athletes at the baths. The aryballos derives from the globular wine pourer (oinochoe) of the Geometric style (Greece 9th century BC). An evolution can be traced from a round to an ovoid shape, then to a pointed, top-heavy version, and finally to a round shape. Later aryballoi have a bell-shaped mouth, two handles with slight projections at the bases, and a flat bottom. Roman examples were most often made of glass and also higher status bronze examples such as this. *A complete example is shown below.

Condition: (Part) Solid and stable with lovely patination.

Dimensions: 70mm high.

Provenance: Ex. Museum piece; Purchased at UK auction.


Display stand included

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