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Mark Antony. Silver Legionary Denarius, Legion XVI. 32-31 BC. Praetorian galley right, ANT AVG III VIR R P C / Aquila and two legionary standards, legion number LEG XVI (Countermark)

Marcus Antonius - 83-30 BC (known popularly as Mark Antony) was a Roman general and statesman perhaps best known for his love affair with Cleopatra VII (69-30 BC) of Egypt. As Julius Caesar's friend and right-hand man, he gave the funeral oration after Caesar's assassination which turned the tide of popular opinion against his assassins.

As part of the Second Triumvirate of Rome (43-33 BC), he ruled uneasily with Octavian Caesar (63 BC-14 AD), later Augustus Caesar, (27 BC-14 AD) and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus (89-12 BC). Mark Anthony famously fell in love with Cleopatra VII of Egypt, and, after his defeat at the Battle of Actium (31 BC), committed suicide in 30 BC. With no other contenders for power, Octavian became Rome's first emperor as Augustus Caesar and the Roman Republic became the Roman Empire.

Condition: Fine

Dimensions: 17mm

Provenance: Ex. UK private collection; Purchased at UK auction.


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