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A fine Roman twisted bronze 'hare' bracelet. 1st - 3rd Century A.D. Rare.

Roman bracelets are some of the most collectable antiquities for sale. Roman men, women and children of all social classes wore bracelets to decorate their wrists and also their arms (armlets). They were made in a variety of materials; particularly copper-alloy (bronze), glass, silver, gold and in Britain shale (manufactured in Yorkshire and Dorset).

There have been numerous finds of Hare brooches, but not bracelets. Hares were tied to an unknown hare goddess. This religious connotation lasted throughout the Roman occupation of Britain.

Condition: Fine. No damage. Uncleaned. Small areas of verdigris. *From the same old UK collection as item 103. A solid and beautifully executed roman bracelet.

Dimensions: Dia: 66mm (external) 56mm (internal)

Provenance: Ex. private collection, UK, formed during the early 20th century. Purchased at UK auction.


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